Surrey, Vancouver Island/Coast


Surrey, Vancouver Island/Coast

Hello everyone, My name is Ravneet, and I am the founder of RavsCreations. I am 20 years old and currently in my third year of university pursuing a major in business economics. I started my small business of making custom frames with an aspiration to do something that would put a smile on someone's face and be a part of someone's small story, and make something memorable that loved ones can cherish. This journey took off in early January 2021, and it grew from people knowing the business locally to all over the globe. I love being a part of all the special occasions; it brings me a sense of joy and happiness. I want to thank my family, friends and loyal clients for continuously supporting and motivating me to do the best of my ability.

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Business Impact Award

What motivated you to start your business? Why are you passionate about what you do?

Ravcreations started in January 2021 when a third-year university student wanted to make a difference by creating a memorable keepsake for newlywed couples. Initially, I had no clue if my business would thrive in a pandemic, but I still went through with my plan. I started creating frames in my bedroom, with a small desk and a creative mind. What motivated me to start my own business was the thought of me making someone's day by my creation. I wanted to get out there and do something of my own, and it would be my little journey. I have always looked up various successful entrepreneurs and seeing them grow encouraged me to take this leap of faith. I am thoroughly passionate about my business because of the journey it has been and all of the obstacles it has conquered. I started out with no orders, no views and no comments on my Instagram profile. Gradually after a couple of months, it began to grow day by day where instead of a 10, I would have 20 views. That alone would put a big smile on my face because I could see that my hard work was paying off, which was my biggest win. Ever since I was a little kid I have always dreamt of becoming a business owner. I have always valued autonomy and giving back to the community, and through ravscreations, I was able to develop the means to do so and lay the foundation to start my career in business.

Why do you deserve to win the Business Impact award?

I believe that ravscreations should win the Business impact award because of our connection to the community and our effective business strategies. At ravscreations, we pride ourselves with our community involvement. In the last year since we opened, we have helped kickstart and support other local businesses such as La Fleur Arrangements and Very Berrrylicious and many more. We participated in countless giveaways and gave many shoutouts, as we wanted to make sure those around us would also succeed and grow! ravscreations strives to be an inspiration to young entrepreneurs in our community, and to empower them to take a leap of faith and start their business journey. Our business strategy revolves mainly around our magnificent marketing. For every frame we produce, we ensure that high quality photos and videos are taken with the client’s consent, and are then posted to our social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. We then write detailed captions and make sure to reply to every comment or message! The principles we run ravscreations on lay the groundwork for our future as a business as we continue to grow and inspire those in our community. These same principles highlight why we should be considered for the Business Impact Award.

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