Langley Township, Mainland/Southwest

Dawn Whittaker

Langley Township, Mainland/Southwest

Dawn Whittaker is an experienced parenting coach and mother of 3 that started her career as a live-in nanny in 1994. Her education and career have always centered around children, as she’s worked with thousand’s of children in Vancouver, BC and around the world to coach and train. She’s built her reputation and business with a burning passion to support and guide parents to raise their kids using a common-sense approach with a healthy dose of British wit. Thousands of parents have graduated from Dawn’s personalized sleep and potty training programs where she provides a repeatable process for guaranteed success made just for your child.

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In Business Since 2006

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Who wins the Premier's People's Choice Award is up to the people. I am grateful for the nomination and my reviews speak for themselves, I was so shocked that someone thought so highly to even put me forward - HOW LOVELY! I love what I do and am honoured to be here. Dawn

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