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Karakoram Restaurant inc

Vancouver, Mainland/Southwest

Vancouver’s Authentic Pakistani Restaurant Step into Karakoram, a traditional Pakistani Restaurant with fine dining, and experience the treasured flavours and spices being prepared for more than a decade. The name Karakoram is an inspiration taken from the range where the K2 Mountain lies. K2 being the toughest to conquer drew as a line of motivation to reach on the top of the giant food industry. At Karakoram you would experience a reminiscent of the flavours of authentic Pakistani cuisines. We offer unique dishes like authentic Karahi which is us in the entire British Columbia who make it. All our food is made cooked to order. Our main mission In Karakoram Restaurant is "Conquering Your hearts through Your Bellies...." and we spread love through our food not only our guests but whoever is in need will get food in Karakoram Restaurant. please try our food and then decide if we are worth for your vote. Regards Team K2

14 Employees

In Business Since 2018

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Best Immigrant Entrepreneur

Please tell us your personal story and about your business. How you started, and how you have overcome challenges.

I came in Canada in 2013 with handful of money, to be precise $175 with big dreams and detemination and courage to change the world. I las very found of cooking and I always wanted to open my own place. I started working in a restaurant, that was the key changing experience of my life. I used to work 14-16 hours every day with out any off at less than minimum wage no overtime and no statutory holiday pay. That was the life changing experience of my life when I recognized that how hardwork oe has to put to run a restaurant. although I was very sure that amount of exploitation I faced on my first job in Canada, is not gonna happen in my own place. I worked in my first job for 2 years in those two years all I made was my connections and customers that helped me in future. In 2015 I was approached by a customer to open a restaurant and I was so excited to open a place for me that I just said yes. I worked in that place for day and night and make that place as the best restaurant in Vancouver. I was solely doing everything and suddenly after 3 years I was asked to leave the place which I created and nurtured like my own child. I lost around $60000 and moreover a business that was created by my hardwork and ideas. After this incident I was broken but my determination was not, then I started my own place named Karakoram Restaurant, serving Pakistani Cuisine on Victoria Drive, Vancouver. All my acquentence told me that this place is not good for the business but I dint listen to any one and start working hard. Now Karakoram Restaurant is a home for 12 people who are working with me for more than 2 years and even some of them are from beginning. which is very ulikely to the restaurant business. When I opened my place I make sure that the pain and exploitation that I had to face in my first job none of my employee face that at my place. we are in business from last 2.5 years and I haven't fired a single employee. Everyone loves to work over here as we all are K2 family, One for all and all for one. Our main motto in Karakoram is to conquer your heart through your bellies. And all of us are working towards that one goal. In Karakoram ,majority off the employees are immigrant working hard to change their lives and the lives of their family back home. We celebrate all the festivals like, Eid, Baisakhi, Diwali, Christmas etc.

Why do you deserve to win the Best Immigrant Entrepreneur award?

Best Immigrant Entrepreneur is very big reward for any immigrant in Canada. Everyone Immigrant has to face hardship when they come. I also faced many challenges, but we have to stay and need to have courage and determination to change our destiny. This is a kind off affliction for all the hardwood I put and awards like this motivate u and do better each and every single day. I faced a lot of challenges and hard times, but I never give up. I face them, all the time and I made sure that my hardwork pays off. this award is not just for me but for all those immigrants who are working with me, which will give them a message that their hardwork doesn't goes unnoticed.

Premier's People's Choice

I believe a business is by people for people and hence I always give more importance to the people I am associated with me which are my employees, vendors, and customers. There are ,many customers who know me from my first job and come to my restaurant because of my relationship with them. I always go out of the box to make sure that people around me okay. I tried to create harmony among the people. I should win people choice award because of my customers and employees. My customers always tell me that when ever they tried my food they get a nostalgic feeling of back home. I need to win this award not just for me but for all the people associated with me.

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