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Holmes is Where the Heart is Personalized Matchmaking Ltd.

Kamloops, Thompson-Okanagan

I incorporated my Matchmaking Company in 2017 . So many people are getting overwhelmed and mentally drained with the arduous task of swiping for dates. People have lost the art of communication and getting to know each other and judging people based on a photo is sad. I have clients as young as 25 and as old as 92. I have spoken at weddings, and have delighted in seeing babies join the fold as well. I have had widows and widowers who have been so nervous to date again feel safe and secure with me and they know that I meet every person first before matching them which does not happen on the dating apps. In this day and age with so many catfishing scams and people who are not transparent about who they are, I am able to reassure my clients they are meeting someone legitimate. The most important thing in ones life is their partner, or family, and knowing I am making a difference by bringing love to people is an absolute joy.

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Best Solopreneur

What motivated you to start your business? What challenges did you overcome as a Solopreneur?

After many years of naturally setting up friends and colleagues, I started a dating column in Kamloops This Week newspaper, and it was apparent there was a huge demand for this service. I had many people telling me it would not work as there are so many free dating apps out there. As it turns out the more dating apps that show up, the better it is for me, because they are leaving people feeling empty and unfulfilled after swiping pictures and treating people like they are disposable. I did some market research, and took some courses through the Chamber of Commerce, and took the steps to officially launch my Company in 2017. Due to the risks in my business, it wasn't a simple business license and website.. I had to become incorporated as opposed to a sole proprietor. I had to get liability insurance, waivers, and really learned so much in the process. I am in my 5th year in business and currently have 44 long term couples in committed relationships, engagements, 2 weddings, cohabitations, and even have set up lifelong friendships. I have had families contact me who's parents are in their 80's and would like them to meet someone, and some high profile people who don't feel comfortable putting their photos on line. Unlike big city Matchmakers, I am very affordable, and I truly feel rewarded seeing people find love. I feel we are losing sight of the art of communication.. We live in an instant gratification society now. If we want the news we push a button. If we want a song we push a button. If we want groceries we push a button. If we dont want to watch commercials we push a button. If we want a date we push a button. During the Pandemic the dates I set up were wonderful. No awkward hand shakes or hugs. People were going for hikes, golf, bike rides, paddle boarding, skiing, Snow Shoe, dog walks, outdoor picnics, and just enjoying getting to know each other.. People took a more old fashioned approach to dating and my hope is that will continue when the Pandemic is over.

Why do you deserve to win the Best Solopreneur award?

It has taken me a while to really see the difference I have made in people's lives. Love is something you can't really put a price tag on and when it brings family, and kids and a new life, I realize that I had a hand in making that happen.. The thing is my part is easy.. Introducing people and connecting people comes natural to me.. My clients are the ones that have to do the work as relationships are not easy.. When I see my couples together I feel like I am an artist and they are my masterpiece. Not all of my couples stay together.. Seeing a couple break up after 3 yrs is not easy.. I sometimes feel like I am part of the break up. But overall, knowing I have made such a difference in so many peoples lives and that they are truly happy is a rewarding feeling.. There are many deserving business's that do incredible work, but I think when you ask someone what is THE most important thing in their life, it's love.. And being able to help someone find love is amazing.

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