How the BC Government is Supporting Small Business

It’s no secret that small business is big business in British Columbia –accounting for 98 per cent of businesses in BC, and 55 per cent of private sector jobs. This is why support for small business continues to be an important issue to the provincial government. Doing Business with the […]

Is Your Small Business RFP Ready?

Want to start doing business with the BC Provincial Government? For many people the first question is where do I start? The simple answer is Not only is BC Bid a great way to look for BC Provincial Government opportunities, it is also utilized by municipalities and broader public sector organizations sourcing suppliers as well.

Working with the Government Just Got Simpler

To make it easier for small business owners to sell and provide services to government departments, the BC Government has just launched a new two-page Request for Proposal (RFP). An RFP is a bidding process which provides all vendors with the same information, a series of requirements and questions which […]

Become a Supplier to the Canadian Government

Have you considered providing products or services to the Government of Canada? Chances are you if you have thought about it, you dismissed it thinking that your business is not relevant, however most of the time this assumption is wrong. Find out more.