Investing in Training? What’s Your ROI?

You’ve found that money. You’ve boosted your employees’ morale. But how has the training your employees participated in affected your bottom line? The Human Capital Institute estimates that it can take more than six months for a new employee to make enough of a contribution to your business to […]

Why Join a Non Profit Board and What to Know Before You Apply

Joining a nonprofit board can be a great opportunity to both boost your personal development and give back to your community. But wait, you have to be wealthy to be a board member don’t you?

Simple Ways to Find Focus and Get More Done

Many of us are experiencing problems with staying focused throughout the day. Multitasking, distracting behavior of colleagues, social media, and physical discomfort, like low light or noise at the workplace, often cost us valuable work hours and prevent us from accomplishing more.

Can’t Afford Pay Rises? Consider Training as a Reward

Trying to compete with annual pay increases just isn’t viable when you’re growing your operations. But fear not. A 2015 Glassdoor survey found that four in five (79 per cent) employees would prefer new or additional benefits to a pay increase. Specifically 19 per cent said that they would prefer on-the-job training and professional development.

The Personal Business of Being in Business: 4 Ways to Survive Your First Year

As any new business owner knows, the first year in business is exciting, challenging, rewarding, and very scary. I would find myself questioning whether I had made the right decision, my mind whispering fears of failing into my ears. People always ask “how is your business doing”, but your answer […]

Smart Moves for Smartphone Use

According to a Lemelson-MIT Program study, 30 per cent of us have a love-hate relationship with our smartphones. It’s even so bad that LG Electronics study recently stated that low battery anxiety grips 90 per cent of people whenever their phone drops below a 20 per cent charge. In Canada, […]

How to Stop Putting Off Starting Your Small Business

You had an amazing business idea. It was an inspirational moment, and you felt like anything was possible. Then you started working on the idea, and your motivation dropped, which lead to fear-induced procrastination and decision paralysis. Sound familiar? Here’s the good news. You aren’t alone. Many people have brilliant […]

3 Ways to Think Bigger With Your Small Business

It’s easy to get caught up in the details as a small business owner. When you spend all day balancing budgets and doing market research, new ideas can be hard to come by. But new ideas are key to growing your business. Think bigger with these three ways to boost […]

Public Speaking Tools to Communicate Confidently

When we grow up, we learn not to judge a book by its cover, and that we should get to know someone before we decide if we like them or not. While this sounds good, in the competitive world of business, it doesn’t happen. This may be because people are […]