How To Be An Inspiring Mentor Who Changes Lives

Have you ever had a life changing moment when someone did or said something that completely changed your perception about life? I had one a couple of years ago while I was sipping a steaming hot coffee in my mentor’s home office. I asked my mentor how she dealt with […]

5 Entrepreneurs Talk About Fear-Busting Benefits Of Mentorship

All entrepreneurs are born fearless right? The answer is a resounding no. Everyone feels fear in their lives, but it’s how they deal with it that determines their success. Think about something you’ve felt fearful about recently in your own life. Did you choose to use it as a catalyst […]

3 Myths About Mentorship Debunked

Wouldn’t it be great if there was someone out there who could show you the ropes to owning a small business? If you get a small business mentor, this can be a reality. However 84 per cent of small business owners are unaware about how to find a mentor in British Columbia according to a recent study by MentorshipBC.

Which Mentorship Relationship Fits Your Personality?

One of the biggest life lessons I’ve learned from my 10 plus years in business is that everyone is different. Everyone has different needs, communication styles and personality traits that set them apart. This also means that we need to find processes that specifically work for us.  If you’ve been […]

Support for Canadian Forces Entrepreneurs and Veterans

General Rick Hillier (Ret.) applied what he learned in the military to create a profitable career in public speaking and creating his own speaking agency. But what support is there for other members of Canadian Forces looking to turn to entrepreneurship?

Are you an Introverted, Extroverted or Ambiverted Leader?

Society often paints quite a humorous yet incorrect picture of introverts and extroverts. With these misconceptions in place, it is understandable why many believe extroverts would make better business leaders. However a recent Ted Talk by Susan Cain discusses the power of introversion.

5 Signs You Need a Mentor

Many famous and rich entrepreneurs have boosted their success with mentors. Take billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson who dropped out of school at the age of 16 and started his first business with a $300 loan from his mother. So how did he do it? With the help of mentor, Sir Freddie Laker.

How to Be a Great Mentee

Oprah is one, so is Bill Gates. Now it’s your turn. You’ve made the first step for small business success by wanting to become a mentee. All you need to do now is find the right mentor for you.

New Mentorship Resource for BC Small Business Owners

MentorshipBC, a new online resource that connects small business owners with mentorship programs, can help you figure out what mentorship resources exist so you can find the right business mentor.

It Takes a Village to Grow a Business

When you start your own business, it often doesn’t take long for overwhelm to set in. You may still have the passion and want it to succeed, but you need some help. The key is knowing when and where to look for it, and to remember that you’re not alone.