Finding the Right Mentors to Help Grow Your Business

From accountants to business coaches, you’ll have to reach out for advice as you grow your business. But there’s another type of advice that can be equally essential to your success: it’s the support of a trusted mentor.

Beating the Business Blues

Running a business can be elating and depressing, and sometimes at the same time. On the days when the pressure of planning and building a business feels like it’s too much to take, it’s really normal to feel down. Here’s how you can bounce back.

Why Mentorship is Good for Business

A business mentor might be someone who’s succeeded at entrepreneurship, or they might be someone who’s an expert in their industry. No matter who they are, it’s important to understand the many ways they can help you succeed.

Technology Mentor Program from BCIC

Looking for a mentor? BCIC has launched a mentoring program for early stage entrepreneurs in technology sector with the aim to improve the success of technology companies across BC. Read on to find out if you are eligible.