How to Build Effective Leadership Skills

One of the most rewarding aspects of becoming your own boss is the ability to make the big decisions. You’re in charge of the direction of your business and it will flourish or fail based on how you meet the challenges you face. For some people, this ability to lead […]

How to Build a Collaborative Workplace

When you envision your small business five years from now, what do you see? Whether your business has two or 50 employees, your vision more than likely includes growth. A proven pathway to sustainable business growth is through effective collaboration – people working well together – for mutual success. Collaborative […]

How a Mentor Can Help Your Entrepreneurial Career

The ability to “be your own boss” is often cited as one of the most attractive aspects of entrepreneurship, but it can also raise problems for those new to the craft. Who do you turn to when you get stuck? How do you handle areas of business you don’t have […]

Love Dogs? Start a Business in the Booming Dog Industry

If you love dogs and have been thinking about starting a small business in the dog industry, it couldn’t be at a better time. A 2014 study by Packaged Facts, which monitors the pet market and surveys owners to gather data, estimates that pet spending will rise to $8.3 billion […]

3 Reasons Why Having a Mentor Can Make All The Difference

Mentorship matters. Many of the world’s top entrepreneurs have credited their success in part to their mentors and as small business owner, it’s important to understand the value behind having a trusted supporter. A mentor can be the missing link to take your small business to the next level. While […]

How To Be An Inspiring Mentor Who Changes Lives

Have you ever had a life changing moment when someone did or said something that completely changed your perception about life? I had one a couple of years ago while I was sipping a steaming hot coffee in my mentor’s home office. I asked my mentor how she dealt with […]

5 Entrepreneurs Talk About Fear-Busting Benefits Of Mentorship

All entrepreneurs are born fearless right? The answer is a resounding no. Everyone feels fear in their lives, but it’s how they deal with it that determines their success. Think about something you’ve felt fearful about recently in your own life. Did you choose to use it as a catalyst […]

3 Myths About Mentorship Debunked

Wouldn’t it be great if there was someone out there who could show you the ropes to owning a small business? If you get a small business mentor, this can be a reality. However 84 per cent of small business owners are unaware about how to find a mentor in British Columbia according to a recent study by MentorshipBC.

Are you an Introverted, Extroverted or Ambiverted Leader?

Society often paints quite a humorous yet incorrect picture of introverts and extroverts. With these misconceptions in place, it is understandable why many believe extroverts would make better business leaders. However a recent Ted Talk by Susan Cain discusses the power of introversion.