How to Get Government Funding to Grow Your Business

Gaining a business advantage can be challenging when you’re contending with domestic and international competition in an ever-changing market. Getting ahead requires companies to constantly develop new or improved products, increase productivity and expand global market sales. However, throughout our 25 years in the government funding industry, we have seen […]

What Do I Need to Know About Human Rights Discrimination?

While most B.C. employers are aware that they have a legal duty to provide a discrimination-free work environment for their employees, many employers may not have a full appreciation of what that means in practice. Navigating competing rights and obligations can be complicated. Even the best intentioned employer can find […]

Do I Have to Be Canadian to Start a Business in B.C.?

If you’re wondering whether you can start a business in British Columbia if you’re not Canadian, you’re not alone. It can be difficult to sort through government regulations to find the answer to this frequently asked question. But it’s essential you know what you can and cannot do when it […]

Get Funding to Make Your Workplace More Accessible

According to Statistics Canada, an estimated 3.8 million adults in Canada are limited by a disability. That’s  14 per cent of the adult population, which means if your business isn’t accessible to people with disabilities, you’re missing out. Creating an inclusive workplace for people with disabilities doesn’t have to be […]

How to Sell Your Products and Services on BC Bid®

Whether you’re purchasing pens or a bulldozer, it’s almost impossible to do business or operate without buying goods and services. This necessity is as true for entrepreneurs and small business owners, as it is for institutions like the BC Government. With 16 ministries and eight central agencies, the provincial government […]

Protecting Your Ideas Using Canadian Intellectual Property Rights

In today’s fast-developing economy, original ideas are often seen as the new currency. Applying innovative thinking to your business can give you the competitive advantage, and can provide an enormous opportunity for profit. If you have a great idea, your competitors may be tempted to use it, too, so it’s […]