Tips for Businesses Determining Costs and Planning a Budget

The key to crafting an accurate budget for your business is to know where all of your money is going. Whether it’s coming in as revenue or going out the door one bill at a time, keeping track of every dollar is important for figuring out the resources you have available to work with should any problems arise or upgrades become necessary.

How Businesses Can Better Manage Their Costs

Many small businesses realize early on that every dollar counts if they want to put themselves in the best position to grow. However, with so many issues and concerns to worry about, leaders can sometimes fall behind in their finances, inadvertently setting up their company for failure. It's pivotal for […]

How Can Small Business Owners Control Costs?

When just starting out, small business owners tend to be very conscious about their capital, where it’s going, how much is coming in and what corners can be cut. However when sales begin, and revenue starts to grow, it can take a toll on your costs.

How to Estimate Start-Up Costs for your New Company

So you want to start a new restaurant/accounting practice/gnome-themed birthday party company (insert your type of business)? If this is your first company, you’re probably wondering how to estimate your start-up costs.

Lighten Up on Energy Use: Five Small Businesses tell their Stories

Longer nights and increasing hours of lighting use make this a great time to upgrade to more energy-efficient lighting. This year’s five Energy Fix contest winners who each won a $5,000 “lighting makeover” share their stories.

1,500 Light Bulbs, 10 Acres of Land and $19,000 of Annual Savings

We are consistently told that energy saving is good for cost saving, but sometimes it’s hard to imagine how much it can really impact your business. Find out how Castle Fun Park replaced around 1,500 lights and received over $19,000 in annual savings.

Why You Should be Thinking About Sustainability

Few resources, a tight budget and lack of time can push any sustainability initiative to the back burner for a small business. It used to be that small businesses didn’t what to do, but research shows it’s more a question of when and how.