Government Procurement: The Importance of Feedback

So how do you make your business visible to the government? By engaging with government, working with them to develop new programs and giving feedback, you can help to improve the processes and create a system that’s beneficial to you as the supplier, as well as the Province.

New LNG Opportunities for Small Business

The BC Government has launched pre-registration for a new tool for businesses in our province. The tool enables you to connect with major projects in the LNG industry. Helping promote and market your business internationally for both export and direct investment.

4 Emerging US Markets for BC Exporters

Amid calls for Canadians to diversify their exports and lessen their dependence on the United States, a simple truth has gone to the wayside: the US is still a top-tier export destination. Of course, it’s good business sense not become overly reliant on any one market for your exports. But […]

New Business Opportunities with the BC Government

Every year more than $6.6 billion are spent by the government on goods and services. Think of any product or service and there is a good chance that the government has purchased it, from picnic tables to IT consulting. Find out how you can bid for these opportunities and be part of that number.

How to Discover Potential Customers by Using Twitter

Twitter is a highly effective sales tool for business-to-consumer (B2C) companies. However many businesses could do a better job of discovering potential customers. Here are three tools you can use.

The Top 5 Challenges New Small Businesses Face

According to Stats Canada, only 51% of businesses survive beyond their first five years. And all too often, the ones that don’t make it end up shutting their doors for very similar reasons. So how do you keep your small business from becoming the one out of every two that doesn’t succeed?