Client Story

Meet Ilana and Noam Kenig, ReStoring Data Inc.

You know that sinking feeling – the moment you realize your hard drive has failed and taken all of your photos and documents with it? Like most of the population, you probably haven’t backed it up recently, so your hopes for recovering your files may seem bleak. Well, the good news is that help is finally here; Vancouver-based entrepreneurs Ilana and Noam Kenig are on a mission to restore lost data.

Their business, ReStoring Data Inc., specializes in data recovery and computer forensics, with a focus on recovering vital data from digital storage devices such as hard disk drives, RAID arrays, flash drives and mobile devices. And while the business has a very technical side, at its heart it’s about helping people and organizations recover from catastrophic data loss.

For individuals, that can mean rescuing years of photos and other irreplaceable memories from a damaged hard drive. For organizations, ReStoring Data Inc.’s services can literally be the difference between a business remaining viable or having to close its doors forever. Can you imagine what an accounting firm or an online dating service would do if they lost all their files?

Noticing a Need, Finding Success

Like many small business owners, Ilana and Noam’s inspiration to start ReStoring Data Inc. came from an under-serviced need. Noam’s background is in computer forensics, but after being approached repeatedly by people who had lost their data he realized that there was an opportunity to provide professional and affordable data recovery solutions.

“Noam has always come up with new ideas to improve existing products and services, and also to create new ones,” says Ilana. “Of course, the idea of being your own boss was also appealing, but we are essentially lead by the desire to make a difference.”

In business for seven years now, ReStoring Data Inc. started out as a husband and wife team, but they quickly had to add staff to keep up with their growing workload. Their team of highly-skilled technicians and customer service representatives now help them service clients across the country.

But even though Noam and Ilana grew their team early on, they still face the same challenge that many entrepreneurs face – more work to do than there is time in the day. “The immense amount of work involved in running your own business is incredible,” says Noam. “There’s not enough time in a day to do everything that needs to be done, which means that you always work around the clock no matter how many employees you have.”

For Noam and Ilana, maintaining the enthusiasm that they initially had when they started their business is the key to their continued success. They actively invest in research and development to stay ahead of the curve in their industry, and constantly create and improve services to better meet their clients’ needs and to expand their company’s potential.

But even more importantly, they are committed to treating each recovery as though their own data or personal memories lay on the line – a commitment that is essential to their company philosophy.

Getting Help and Getting Recognized

When Ilana and Noam started their business, they didn’t try to go it alone or figure out everything out by themselves. They made use of a variety of Small Business BC (SBBC) resources, including seminars and downloadable checklists. Today, they continue to attend SBBC seminars, participate in local Meetup groups and attend Chamber of Commerce conferences. Even when bogged down by the day-to-day demands of running their business, pursuing educational and networking opportunities remains a top priority for them.

And their continual hard work has paid off – ReStoring Data Inc. recently won 2013 Best Company at the Successful You Awards.

Ilana credits participating in the Successful You Awards as one of the greatest experiences the company has had, both in terms of the recognition and as an opportunity to reflect on their progress as business owners. “Taking time to revisit our history, values, successes and goals was of tremendous value both personally and professionally – we were reminded of how far we’ve come, and the exciting directions we are moving toward,” says Ilana. “Sharing our company story with the media throughout the competition and after our win has increased our public profile and allowed us to help more customers in need.”

It’s a Journey, Not a Destination

Ilana and Noam note that they have learned a lot along the way. “The biggest lesson is that starting a company is fairly simple; growing it is the real challenge.”

While it can often seem like there aren’t enough hours in a day, Ilana and Noam’s passion and determination continue to drive them forward, and they offer this advice to new and aspiring entrepreneurs: “No matter how demanding, stressful and challenging your business becomes, remember that being an entrepreneur is a journey, not a destination, so learn to love and enjoy the ride. Never lose the fire, be prepared for ups and downs, and surround yourself with the right people.”