Strategy Planning for Business Growth

Advisory Services

Congratulations! You’ve launched your business, you’re moving forward, but there are still pieces of the puzzle you have yet to complete.

Stepping back and looking for ways to achieve your next steps can be difficult when you’re intimately involved in every aspect of your business.

A one-on-one consultation with a Small Business BC Business Advisor is the first step to take toward achieving your goals for growth and resiliency. We help identify areas of your business that can be improved and deliver solutions-based advice to make it happen. If you’re a business ready to take the next steps, we’ll help you assess the issues affecting your small business and recommend the next moves to aid in your continued success.


  • Providing a general business check-up post start-up phase
  • Discovering problem areas that hinder your business growth
  • Strategic goal planning and implementation
  • Solutions based advice for your operational challenges
  • Capacity building in a variety of areas such as sales, marketing, operations and HR
  • An expert sounding board for your growth issues

Appointments consist of an active discovery of your business challenges followed by recurring 60 min. appointments as you need. You can regularly rely on our expert advisors for sound advice, book at your own pace or with regular check-ins.

These 60-minute sessions are booked in advance on a first come, first served basis. You can attend in-person at Small Business BC’s Downtown Vancouver office, or via Skype/phone from anywhere in the province.

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