Minute Book

  • Contains everything you need to help you stay organized
  • Simplifies your record keeping
  • Upgraded with a new, textured external covering and new interior design

All corporations must keep careful records of company meetings as well as other documents related to their incorporation. This attractive binder is just what you need to effectively and efficiently keep track of all these corporate records.

The inserts enclosed in the binder are clearly labelled and organized so that your important documents will always be right at your fingertips. Includes inserts for:

  • articles of incorporation
  • notice of directors/consent to act
  • notices of offices
  • articles of association
  • bylaws and amendments
  • minutes of meetings
  • annual reports
  • financial statements
  • shareholder loans
  • share certificates (does NOT include actual share certificates)
  • special inserts for BC’s new incorporation rules

Your Minute Book is a valuable, essential tool for your incorporation. Don’t be without it.

Price: $26.95 + GST

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