Guided Business Registration and Name Request Package

Service Description

Business registration may seem complicated, but with the guidance of a Small Business BC Business Advisor you’ll have your sole proprietorship or partnership registered with minimal fuss.

The Guided Business Registration and Name Request service includes guided name reservation and company registration, GST registration (if required), as well as a printed registration certificate.

Consists of a 1-hour consultation for the Guided Business Registration step, following approval of business name.

This service is for Sole Proprietorships and General Partnerships only. 

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Business Name Request: If you’re registering a name for an incorporation a Small Business BC business advisor can help simplify this process by reviewing your name choice with you and filing your business name request on your behalf.

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  • Advisors will review your business name choices to ensure it meets formatting requirements

  • Advisors act as a sounding board for potential name choices

  • Increased chance of name approval

  • Name request application and business registration application filed on your behalf

  • Receive a printed statement of registration

  • Assistance with government account registrations including: GST, PST, Payroll, Import/Export account, Worker’s Compensation Insurance Coverage (if required)

  • One-hour consultation with a business advisor

  • Discuss any issues with your registration

  • Support and advice at every step of the way

Service Offered By

These 60-minute sessions (for the Guided Business Registration step) are booked in advance. You can attend in-person at Small Business BC’s Downtown Vancouver office, or via Skype/phone from anywhere in the province.

  • Price: $139.00
  • Length: 1 Hour
  • Subject: Industry Regulations, Legal, Accounting
  • Language: English, French
  • Stage of Business: Start-Up
This service may be taken in person or by phone
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