Greening Your Office

You likely spend more waking time in your office than your home, so if you want to be more eco-friendly overall, making a change at the office is the way to go. Surprisingly, being green doesn’t always cost more, either — in fact, in many cases it can save your company money — and what boss doesn’t care about the bottom line?

As Greening Your Office shows, all it takes to make a difference to the environment via your office is a first step toward greener practices, although there are many opportunities to make changes of value. From choosing the best office products, to handling your waste management and recycling streams, to picking the most environmentally friendly furniture and lighting, every office will benefit from making one or all of the changes outlined in this book.

Authors Jill Doucette and Lee Johnson emphasize that these changes need not be expensive, intimidating, or difficult, as they take you through their triple-bottom line framework of People, Planet, and Profit. This book guides the way to sustainable changes and practices, simply, affordably, and smartly; it will help you discover opportunities to make positive changes that benefit your business, the community, and the environment. Follow the tips, and the result will be a workplace with a lower environmental footprint, better morale, and the potential for cost savings.

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