Fundraising for Nonprofit Groups

Find the money to change the world! A best-seller in multiple editions for more than a decade is back in a major new edition!

  • Discover how to obtain funding from corporations, foundations, and governments
  • Learn how to prepare a funding proposal

Raising money is the most essential and also the most difficult task for any nonprofit organization. This book is a step-by-step guide for nonprofit groups that need to raise between $100,000 and $5 million annually. Aimed at serious fundraisers, this book explores fundraising through telemarketing and the Internet, and ways to find long-term corporate sponsorships. With new samples and examples, the authors tell you how to raise a lot more money for less effort, and answers the following questions:

  • Who gives money to nonprofit organizations?
  • Which potential funder is best to approach for your organization?
  • How do you prepare a funding proposal?
  • What kind of direct mail requests will work and how do you prepare them?
  • Should your organization try telephone fundraising? How is it done?
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