Entrepreneurial DNA

Entrepreneurial DNA proves the simple but critical fact that not all entrepreneurs are cut from the same cloth. After all, nobody would put Donald Trump, a multilevel marketer, and the owner of a local pizza parlor in the same category. Everyone possesses unique entrepreneurial “DNA”-and discovering yours is the critical first step to success.

To help you build a successful business or optimize results within your current business, serial entrepreneur and business strategist Joe Abraham has developed the BOSI system-a simple, structured process for determining your own entrepreneurial tendencies, strengths, and growth areas.

With the BOSI system, you can create a strategic plan mapped to your entrepreneurial DNA that will improve all aspects of your business and leadership journey. Abraham’s system provides four entrepreneurial categories that people fall into. Which type of entrepreneur are you?

Builder: Strategic, always looking for the upper hand
Talent: creating scalable business ventures

Opportunist: Speculative, always in the right place at the right time
Talent: making money fast

Specialist: Focused, in it for the long term
Talent: providing exceptional client service

Innovator: Inventive, with a desire to make an impact
Talent: creating game-changing products

At least one of these four categories describes you-or perhaps a combination of two. Learning what type of entrepreneurial DNA you possess is critical to how you should structure and deploy your game plan in business.

Whether you’re serious about becoming a successful entrepreneur or improving your existing business, start with Entrepreneurial DNA. You’ll discover your unique BOSI profile and gain tremendous insight into how to engage the right people and develop plans and processes to match who you are.

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