Employee Management Forms Kit

Staff policies and record-keeping made easy! Managing employees can become a lot of work which can distract small-business owners from their main goal of making sales and growing profits. The Employee Management Forms Kit includes all the forms a small business needs to stay organized, and save time and money.

From developing company policies to negotiating employment contracts, the Employee Management Forms Kit includes everything you need to establish sound procedures and keep reliable records. Whether your business has one or one hundred employees, this kit can help you manage in a professional and consistent manner. The kit includes over 45 forms that will help you select the right employees, appraise their performance on the job, and keep accurate records. All the forms are fully customizable, so company logos can be added.

Some of the forms included on the CD:

  • Contract for services
  • Employment contracts
  • Interview forms * Job application form
  • Performance evaluation forms
  • Policy handbook template
  • Secrecy and non-disclosure agreement
  • Employee selection
  • Ongoing reports
  • Employee termination forms
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