Declutter Your Data

Technology makes things faster, and simpler. At the same time, with all the technology that surrounds us on a daily basis, we are awash in too much information. Our computers, phones, tablets, work projects, tax and other files, and various online accounts all store data. It’s a lot!

Can anything be done? Yes! Declutter Your Data is for anyone who is interested in making better use of technology, cleaning up digital clutter, and coming up with an organized and efficient way to access data going forward.

This book guides readers step by step through the process of figuring out what data is important to them; wrestling with the information to clear out what’s not useful and organize what they want to keep; and dealing with the ongoing data maintenance aspect that is a necessity in this digital age.

Following author Angela Crocker’s advice and putting these ideas into practice will reduce your digital clutter, make you more efficient, help you save time, and give you a happier relationship with your information, clearing your mind for more important things.

The download kit includes:
• Bonus chapter on digital physical fitness
• Worksheets so you can follow along in decluttering as you read the book
• Resources for further reading
• — And much more!

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