Changing Your Name in Canada

Choose the name that’s right for you!

It’s not easy to navigate government websites and forms to find the information needed to change a name. To complicate matters more, each province and territory has their own vital statistics agency rules and legal acts when it comes to formally or informally changing a name. While marriage and divorce allow for the informal changing of a surname, Changing Your Name in Canada provides readers with easy access to all the information they need to legally (formally) change their name, which involves the re-issuing of birth certificates with your new name.

People change their names for a variety of reasons:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Dislike of the name that was given at birth
  • Correction of a typo or an odd spelling of a name
  • To remove problems with confusion or mispronunciations
  • Would like to use a name the person is known for such as a nickname
  • Protection from others, perhaps to prevent harassment by an individual

This book not only includes how to change your own name, whatever the circumstance, but also your children’s names. You’ll learn about the consents you’ll need and the affidavits you’ll swear or affirm in order to legally change your name or your children’s names in every province and territory in Canada.

The book includes resources and contact information for the various government agencies you’ll need to contact, and a helpful Identification Update List that will keep you on task as you contact the various places, people, and organizations to update your name, whether you want to change it informally or formally.

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