How to Build a Business Around a Solution


A central question all entrepreneurs must ask themselves is: What problem does my product or service solve? A business can flourish when a gap in the market is satisfied by its product or service. But, how do you build a customer-centric business that solves a real problem?

This interactive seminar will help you make your business into one that solves real customer problems. You will craft a value proposition and formulate a foundation for building your unique business.

This seminar will help you:

  • Understand why it matters to properly understand the value you bring to customers
  • Communicate what makes your products and services unique
  • Craft a value proposition that you can use when communicating about your solution
  • Use a lean canvas approach to focus different aspects about your business together

Presented By: Amin Yazdani, Software Architect and Director of Technology of A.Y. Technology.

This seminar is hosted at Small Business BC in Vancouver and delivered to other locations via live webinar. Please note: all webinar participants will also receive access to a recording for seven days after the live session.