Trademarks, Copyright, Patents and More


Do you know if the work you create belongs to you? Or how to prevent others from copying your ideas? Attend this seminar and hear from an intellectual property lawyer on the various forms of intellectual property protection and how they can safeguard your business.

Learning Objectives:

  • Overview of Types of Intellectual Property – when to consider patent, trademark, copyright, or design protection
  • Overview of Trademark Protection – what are trademarks and how to protect them, and how to avoid disputes over trademarks
  • Overview of Copyright Protection – what is copyright and how to avoid common pitfalls

Presented By: A representative of, Oyen Wiggs Green & Mutala LLP.

This seminar is hosted at Small Business BC in Vancouver and delivered to other locations via live webinar. Please note: all webinar participants will also receive access to a recording for seven days after the live session.