Branding for Your Business: Strategy and Identity


You might think branding is just your company logo. In fact, it’s so much more. A brand strategy will help guide your business decisions from attracting your ideal clients, to your brand concept, culture and tone of voice, to deciding the direction of your visual identity.

Deciding on the best branding for your small business is a huge undertaking and this seminar will instruct you how to create a brand strategy, starting from competitor analysis to determining your ideal client. You will leave empowered to identify your specific target market, craft your key message and tone, and know what to look for in a visual identity.

What will I learn?

  • How to build a basis for a brand strategy
  • Analysing your competition and your ideal client
  • Identifying the best practices in logo and identity design
  • Understanding the differences between a brand, brand identity and brand assets
  • How to develop your key message
  • What tone is appropriate for your clientele

Presented by Gisele Forge, Blank Canvas Design Co.

This seminar is hosted at Small Business BC in Vancouver and delivered to other locations via live webinar.

Please note: all webinar participants will also receive access to a recording for seven days after the live session.