Travel Media Relations

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Travel Media Relations, written by Destination British Columbia, will help you understand how to use local and international travel media to maximize your promotional efforts and your tourism business exposure.

The term “Media Relations” is no accident: at the heart of working with media is a relationship. Relationships develop from a number of factors: mutual trust, respect and helpfulness, and are maintained through two-way communication. In working with media to achieve your goals – most often these goals are increased attention to your business – you first need to understand their goals. For media to do their job properly, they have some specific needs: they require accurate information; they need to meet tight headlines; and they need to present a story that appeals to their audience. If you’re not helping them meet these goals, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to help you in sharing your story.
The media landscape is changing dramatically. Traditional media – newspapers, magazines and even some television stations – are changing operations to focus on online activities, while online media are becoming more competitive and an increasingly popular source of information for audiences. Before working with media, it’s important to understand the format of different media types, their preferred method of researching a story and how to evaluate the potential audience reach that a journalist has.
This guide will help you:
  • Understand the media – the function of each and the type of content that they cover
  • Assess your target market and the best outlet to communicate with them
  • Establish your own Press Kit including press releases, photography and film
  • Understand how to hold a media or press visit to your business
  • Develop relationships with the journalists and manage their output

Obtaining unpaid media often plays a key role in ensuring success for a tourism business. So download the Travel Media Relations guide today to find out how you can develop your media relations.