Fundamentals for Tourism Businesses

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The Fundamentals for Tourism Businesses has been written by Destination British Columbia to help business entrepreneurs and owners understand the tourism industry in BC.

You may already know which type of tourism business you want to start, or you may still be exploring which business best suits you. Regardless, it is important to recognize that starting a tourism business is no different than starting any other business.

Inside the guide you will find a wealth of useful information, including:

  1. An overview of British Columbia’s tourism industry, key markets and growth sectors
  2. Basic steps to starting, developing and growing a tourism business
  3. Unique registration and licensing requirements related to each tourism sector
  4. Human resources issues such as staffing and training
  5. Tips on tourism product development, marketing, sales and distribution.

Download the Fundamentals for Tourism Businesses guide now and take our first step to running a successful tourism business.