Writing Screenplays

Find your voice — write your unique story that sells!

Everyone has a story. Whether it is a drama, thriller, comedy, or horror, writing a screenplay is about finding your voice as a writer and writing your own unique story that will come alive through plays or movies. This book will show you the fundamentals that are essential to writing a compelling screenplay that will pull readers in, and sell, by using your own memoirs, or life, as a starting point.

Whether you are a hopeful wordsmith or a seasoned screenwriter looking for a new approach, you will find sound advice within these pages. Learn how to —

  • Find your story using your own life
  • Establish an effective schedule
  • Plan, write, and revise your memoir-based screenplay
  • Receive help from script consultants
  • Find a market and sell your story

In addition to a sample screenplay, Writing Screenplays includes resources for further assistance in creating your successful story.

Price: $19.95 + GST
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