Start & Run a Marijuana Dispensary or Pot Shop

As laws change, people in many parts of North America are gaining greater legal access to marijuana through local dispensaries and recreational pot shops. But the rise of the legal marijuana business brings a mountain of business challenges. Start and Run a Marijuana Dispensary or Pot Shop takes a business risk approach to this fledgling industry and identifies best practices to start and run a medical marijuana dispensary or recreational pot shop. From business basics and planning to retailing as well as sourcing and security, author Jay Currie walks dispensary owners through the important and subtle steps to a successful and sustainable business.

This book is a guide to creating a business plan to legally sell marijuana and its related products. You will learn how to:

• understand regulation and avoid legal problems,
• maximize your earning and enjoyable potential,
• create a sustainable business,
• develop and execute a business plan to sell marijuana in areas where it is legal.

The download kit is designed to keep this book fresh into the future and includes:

• Business Plan Template
• Financial Worksheets
• Web resources
• — And more!

Price: $22.95 + GST
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