Thirty-Seven Eight

Thirty-Seven Eight is an educational organization that develops the greatest professionals through skill development

We are focused on three major skill groups that will be increasingly high in demand in the coming years for the new economy – high-cognitive, social/emotional, and technological skills.

At Thirty-Seven Eight, we couple state-of-the-art content with our engaging in-house methodology in order to deliver education, not just dry lectures.

The whole economy and labour market are shifting away from the demand for physical/manual and low-cognitive skills to high-cognitive, social/emotional, and technological skills. This fact entails the necessity of professionals, of all ages and of every industry, to re- and up-skill in order to avoid replacement in face of the robotization, reduce unemployment, and boost professional success in an ever-evolving competitive world.

Thirty-Seven Eight offers ready-to-go programs, in which you enroll, get your education, and start using the acquired knowledge right after leaving the classroom. There is no application process, expensive and burdensome tuitions, and our focus is on practical knowledge – the tools to transform all your specific knowledge into effective action.

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