RGS Financial LTD

Better Bookkeeping, Payroll and Business Infrastructure Services in almost real time, specializing in cash flow analysis.

We do all of the traditional bookkeeping tasks that our competitors do. This is our core, our bread and butter, and we do this very well. We’re quick and accurate, but we do more than just the fundamentals right. We utilize new technologies to help deliver a better product that is easier, simpler and more convenient for our customers. Our clients can make decisions in almost real time. We work around your company and tailor a product that’s specifically for you.

We’ve also included human resources, payroll, business infrastructure, financial analysis, inventory control, front-line leadership, training and knowledge management – all at a fair and reasonable price. If your business is lacking in any of the latter we can help you in all areas or in any section that you require. For example, if you need us to create a company handbook and just payroll we can do that. Or if you need payroll, bookkeeping, leadership training and HR on an ongoing basis, we can also help with that too. You can pick and choose what will provide value for your organization for any length of time. We think that offering a flexible and malleable service will help your company grow, look more professional and be more efficient. As well, your books will always be clean if needed by your CPA or requested by your Bank.

Furthermore, we take pride in “looking beyond the forest for the trees” and see what a small and medium sized business is really all about. What we see when we look at a small business is not just the numbers – we also see the people. We see the people that make up the success of an organization. We see everyone within a company from the owners to the person pushing the broom at night.

We are a people-centric team at RGS Financial Ltd. Our corporate structure is similar to Google’s or Costco’s and partly because of this, we are able to amplify our very best to you our customer.

The heart of our company revolves around our client, our employee and our community. Three of our most important stakeholders that are the hallmark of our success.

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