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We Provide Innovative Employee Benefits Solutions

Helping businesses achieve true cost-sustainability with never-before-seen Employee Benefits strategies and optimization techniques! We look at benefits through a totally different lens!

Hey, I’m Howard! I enjoy working along side Business Owners, Controllers, Accountants, CFOs, HR Managers to provide innovative solutions as their responsible Employee Benefits Advisor. Having been in the benefits industry for 12+ yrs, I have came across numerous benefits strategies, some that work and many that are “sales pitches”. I help navigate through all the noise to identify what truly works. These are common issues most businesses face:

– Rising benefits cost , less-than-adequate coverage
– Lack of transparency on pricing models
– Unaware of risk reduction strategies
– Not empowering employees

Many of our clients have appreciated and benefited from our totally different outlook on how pricing works and providing unique solutions. Reach out to me for a free audit, if you are facing any of the above!

I’m also into following latest tech trends, and advocate a simple active/healthy lifestyle. After all, what are we all living for? It’s part of the reason why I love living in the place I call home, Vancouver!

We are a full-service employee benefits team specializing in providing clarity & transparency in Employee Benefits for Businesses Owners, Startups, Controllers, Accountants & HR. With 100+ years of combined experience, we’ve seen clients being burned by not being aware of subtle, but important details that should be revealed to them by advisors. We dig deeper into parts of Employee Benefits that others don’t, and identify the missing ingredients that will save you alot of money and risk in the long term. Let us show you what a benefits audit report can do for your business!

Feel free to come by our offices in downtown and enjoy an awesome cup of coffee!

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