Is Your HR Strategy Working for You?

Are you maximizing your employees’ potential?
Is your organization structured optimally for productivity?
Are there gaps in your HR practice?

Join us on Thursday, September 26th as we take a look at your company’s HR strategy to discover areas that could be optimized to increase your BOTTOM LINE.

This is an interactive workshop designed for leaders and decision-makers of companies with 30 employees or less interested in learning more about how HR can support your company’s profits. Bring your notebook, your questions, and your desired business outcomes.

Sushi, beer, and other refreshments will be provided.

Hosted by:
Cerberus Consulting, a solutions management firm with a people focus;
Upskill Consulting, an HR Consulting firm offering personalized and tailored HR support, services and solutions; and
Incrementa Consulting, (un)consultants who work together to help small and medium sized businesses thrive.

Event Contact Details

Host Company: Targeted Talent

Contact Name: Jessica Shi

Contact Email: jessica@targetedtalent.ca