Be Better & Make Bank

Do you need to level up and improve your elevator pitch to get more business? If so, this event is for you.

Every interaction at a networking event starts with an introduction to someone new and an elevator pitch. How good is yours? If you’re thinking that an elevator pitch is just for sales people, you’re wrong. Every encounter with another person is an opportunity to promote yourself, your business and your brand.

Take the challenge of being better and making bank! Six brave souls will be chosen for this competition and will get expert coaching from professionals to improve not only their pitch, but their overall first impression, persuasiveness skills and wardrobe.
Vancouver, show us what you’ve got!
We will be picking 6 people to compete.
To Apply:
Send a connection request or message to Pascale Hansen on LinkedIn and in 200 words or less tell us why we should pick you.
Application deadline: Friday, February 21st.
Finalists will be announced on our website.

Event Contact Details

Host Company: The How To Group

Contact Name: Pascale Hansen

Contact Email: pascale@thehowtogroup.com