Small Claims: A Practical Guide to Dispute Resolution

What do you do if you’re being sued or you want to enforce your legal rights? On August 10, Women’s Enterprise Centre is hosting Jennifer K. Choi, an associate in BLG’s Disputes Group, who will walk you through the various dispute resolution processes available in BC—from the Civil Resolution Tribunal, […]

Force Majeure 101: Breaking a Contract During Covid-19

The spread of Covid-19 has disrupted markets and supply chains around the world, and many businesses are at risk of being unable to perform their contractual obligations. In contract law, “force majeure” refers to unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract—and it may apply to your business amidst […]

Virtual Pitch BC | July 29

About this Event At Volition, we believe that you never know what can come from a conversation. We support entrepreneurs across Canada and beyond by providing space for conversations, connections, and practical skill-building–and that’s what our pitch events are all about! We’ve hosted 90 pitch events with 5000+ attendees, and […]

Writing a Business Plan for Permanent Residents

Are you a Permanent Resident interested in starting a small business? Want some support for producing an effective business plan? This workshop explores some of the most valuable resources to help participants produce a compelling business plan and get one step closer to small business success! Note that this workshop […]

How To Maximize Your Cashflow – Webinar

“How To Maximize Your Cashflow” is to help business owners better understand accounting and finance so that you can effectively plan and respond to the impact of COVID-19 on your business. 1.5 hour webinar using zoom.

Practice Lab for Speakers

Inspired Coaching Practice Labs are a bit of a cross between drop-in private coaching and what you’d encounter in your local cafe or pub open mic. It’s a structured, safe space to rehearse in front of a live, supportive audience and benefit from expert feedback tailored to your goals and […]

Waterfront Chats | Business Operations

Our Waterfront Chats meetup series is geared at start-up businesses and provides an opportunity to hear from and network with local entrepreneurs and organizations. Learn about their successes, barriers and challenges to launching and growing their small businesses. Attendees will also be given an opportunity to provide a thirty-second pitch […]

Fireside chat with billionaire bootstrapper Sridhar Vembu (Zoho)

Bootstrapped unicorns are real! Sridhar Vembu brought his software company “Zoho” to a valuation of over a billion, effectively making himself a billionaire without taking a dime from investors. On Aug 8, he is going to share with us all his secrets, as well get to know fellow bootstrappers, answer […]

Explore Small Business Resources & Support

Join to learn about the resources available for starting and growing a business in BC. Hear from successful entrepreneurs and connect with other aspiring entrepreneurs to grow your business network. Everyone is welcome. Date/Time: Thursday Sept 11th 2018 | 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM Location: Central Library 350 W. Georgia St. Alice Mackay […]

Funding Local Business

Calling all artists, entrepreneurs, bloggers, small business owners, marketers and designers! The founders of one of B.C.’s largest events for independent art and design have launched a new creative conference debuting at the award-winning Cheakamus Centre on March 28 and 29. The two-day Re/Form conference is a first-of-its kind creative conference featuring an inspiring lineup of B.C. entrepreneurs, advocates, thought leaders and visionaries. […]