Nathen Shandler

Seminar Speaker

Nathen Shandler is the Co-Founder of Beljam’s Waffles, a food truck started in 2012 with his wife, Sophena. Since 1988 to today, Nathen has also been a Media Producer for London Drugs, creating corporate videos and staging the company's special events.

The idea for Beljam's came from his wife who thought that the world needed waffle shops in the mall. But the cost involved in opening a mall food court establishment was sobering, so on the advice of their accountant, Nathen and Sophena decided to open a food truck as a proof of concept for their food.

From the need to serve waffles to a pedestrian clientele, there was born a new way to serve waffles without sitting down with a fork and knife: the hot waffle cone! Now patented in Canada and Patent Pending in the United States, Nathen and Sophena's plan (if the US Patent is obtained) is to open multiple food court locations, and ultimately franchise and license Beljam's Waffles across North America.