Kimmy Xiao

Seminar Speaker

Meet Kimmy - the heart and soul behind Whisk Premium Matcha & Whisk Matcha Cafe. As a mom of two, THAC certified tea sommelier, and a passion-driven entrepreneur, Kimmy started Whisk Premium Matcha as a side hustle focusing on online retail & B2B matcha wholesale in 2016. As of 2024, Whisk Matcha has more than 100 cafe partners serving Whisk's high quality matcha powder across North America. In 2020, Kimmy partnered up with Level V Bakery and opened her first brick-and-mortar cafe location in Mount Pleasant, and it has been very well-loved and supported by the local community. During the past 8 years, Kimmy has travelled across Japan to visit tea farms, work side-by-side with tea farmers, and to learn about tea production & agriculture in different scales and regions. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experiences with her customers and fellow matcha lovers alike.