Katya Boudjelloud

Katya Boudjelloud, Bi-Lingual Digital Brand Architect, was born and raised in France. She left for London where she graduated and worked as a designer for more than 10 years in various industries including Television, Web Software and Market Trends. Her client collaborations include CNBC, BBC, TV5, BARCLAYS, BP, ARAMARK, PWC and many more.

Now based in Vancouver, Katya uses her experience to build and guide digital brands, making sure they remain strong and consistent through time. With her broadcast and motion graphics expertise, Katya’s brands are always dynamic and engaging. A regular speaker for various entrepreneurship organizations across Canada, Katya presents to audiences in both English and french.  She also organizes hands-on workshops, teaching how to build websites using Content Management Systems, and the importance of branding from a business perspective.

Articles by Katya Boudjelloud: