Jackie Hunter

SBBC Board Member

[Director 2014*]

Executive Director, Small Business and Regulatory Reform Branches, Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training

Jackie has more than 20 years of progressively complex leadership experience working in numerous public sector roles across the provincial government.

She has a proven record in implementing strategic change, transforming programs/operations and building and fostering a renewed workforce.  She has demonstrated corporate experience leading a change agenda with significant experience in a planning environment.

Jackie’s career portfolios have included both policy and operational/regulatory roles, including roles in Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training (Executive Director, Small Business and Regulatory Reform), Aboriginal Affairs (Executive Director, Strategic Policy), Solicitor General (provincial Deputy General Manager of Liquor Enforcement), and Agriculture and Lands (Regional Director of Fisheries and Aquaculture Licensing and Compliance).  Prior to these roles Jackie worked in a number of other government ministries in the areas of finance, HR and communications including roles in the Ministry of Forests and Forest Renewal BC.

Jackie's career related accomplishments included leading and coordinating a complex multi-part initiative to refresh the provincial regulatory reform agenda in BC, helping build and redefine teams in complex and multi-disciplinary environments, negotiating some constructive agreements with First Nations, negotiating a province-wide Service Agreement on Compliance Programs for finfish and shellfish aquaculture, and working with city and police officials to create a multi-agency approach to community and liquor related disturbances.

Jackie and her husband Marc live in Victoria with their crew of spoiled golden retrievers.