David McHugh

Ask the Expert

David is a business and technology lawyer at Segev LLP, a local Vancouver law firm. In David’s practice, rarely a day goes by without advising clients on intellectual property related matters. David assists leading app developers, website developers, authors, artists, and many others inside and outside of the technology field with the creation, protection, and monetization of their intellectual property. As a solicitor, David frequently prepares intellectual property related contracts, such as IP transfer and licensing agreements. He also assists clients with domain name disputes, protection of trade secrets, matters related to inventions and patents, and, of course, with general understandings of intellectual property law.

As a firm believer that knowledge empowers people to make more informed and better decisions, David prefers to explain the law rather than simply giving answers. While speaking with a lawyer is always advisable before making a legal decision, the reality is that most people simply cannot afford to ask a lawyer every time a decision needs to be made. This is why David is excited to assist visitors of Small Business BC with their intellectual property questions, so that they have a foundation of knowledge to better inform their decisions for those times when professional advisors are not available. Furthermore, David loves talking law, so if you have an intellectual property law question, you’ve come to the right place.