Chief Executive Officer

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Small Business BC is British Columbia’s premier resource centre for knowledge-based business products and services, ensuring people who start or have a business in BC have the relevant information, tools and resources they need to have a successful and sustainable business. Looking forward, Small Business BC continues to ensure its programs and services are relevant to our evolving economy in all corners of the province, and is looking for a new CEO who can help set the foundation for an even more successful future.

Role and Responsibilities

As the CEO of this non-profit Society, you will work with a wide variety of partners and stakeholders – including other players in the economic development ecosystem and Small Business BC’s key funders in the provincial and federal governments – to meet SBBC’s goals of ensuring small businesses in the province succeed in their business operations; providing access to a high profile network of people to support them in starting, growing and transitioning their businesses; and being known as the leading resource to ensure the development and sustainability of their enterprises. Reporting to the Board of Directors, you will lead a dedicated and professional team to implement the Board’s vision, and will work with various like-minded partners to leverage each others strengths and identify and fill gaps. Recognizing your mandate to support small businesses throughout the province – including rural and remote locations – you will look for ways to partner or use technology to ensure services are reaching entrepreneurs where they reside.

Our Ideal Candidate

As the ideal candidate, you are a proven leader who is effective and comfortable relating to small businesses owners, government partners, and front line staff. Your blend of experience allows you to relate to entrepreneurs and understand their needs, while also being able to work with government partners to deliver on expectations. You are experienced at supporting a Board of Directors in setting a vision and strategy that will ensure sustainability and relevance, and you are skilled at measuring performance against the strategic plan in a way that demonstrates how the organization is making a difference. You have implemented technology to enhance service delivery, ensuring a broad geographic reach. You are skilled at working with partners to find synergies and ensure a streamlined experience for small businesses. Your experience is ideally augmented by a degree in commerce or a related discipline.

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Small businesses are the driver of BC’s economy. Play a key role in maintaining and building the health of these integral organizations by submitting your resume to Allison Rzen and Jennifer Madden at
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