Digital Strategies to Employ

In my last Blog –A Guide to Small Business Digital Transformation– I explained the why, what and how of Digital Transformation (DT). Essentially, DT happens when a small business makes the changes required to meet the latest, ‘digital expectations’ of consumers, for example, providing an online shopping option. Making […]

A Guide to Small Business Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is something of a buzzword right now, but like so many trending business ideas; there is no consensus on precisely what it means. Here’s my take; it’s really about the relationship between two things… Digital technology provides us with immediate access, via a Smart Phone, to virtually any […]

10 Energy Saving Tips for Small Business Owners

Are you a small business owner struggling with the high cost of electricity? Are you motivated to lower your power bills but are uncertain which upgrades will bring a return on your investment?  You’re not alone! As small business owners, we understand the critical importance of keeping costs under control. […]

5 Steps You Should Be Taking to Protect Your Business

You’ve done it! You are now a business owner. But what’s next? The time and financial investment you have put into making your dream a reality is extremely valuable. So what steps should you be taking to ensure you protect your business? The following steps will help your business operate […]

4 Tips to Future-Proof Your Business

Change is coming for Canadian entrepreneurs and the best way to prepare is to future-proof your business. According to a recent study by BDC, six trends are set to impact on the way we do business in the coming years: The Aging Workforce – Canada’s annual working-age population growth […]

5 Tips for Developing a Successful App

Today, more people access the internet through their mobile devices than through desktop computers. Take a walk through any park, sit in a café, or ride a train, and this fact is made clear. Everybody is on their phone, all the time. Which is probably why everybody thinks it’s a […]

Protect Your Small Business From Cyber-Attacks

The number of small and medium-sized businesses that go out of business within six months of a cyber-attack is as much as 60%, according to the National Cyber Security Alliance. Their research also found that over 70% of cyber attackers deliberately target small businesses, and almost half of small businesses […]

Guide to Using Shopping on Instagram

Have you signed your small business up for Instagram yet? A recent change to the app’s shopping component has made it easier than ever for small businesses to sell directly to customers. Shopping on Instagram delivers an immersive storefront for customers to explore your products with a single tap […]