Groupon Launches Appointment Booking Platform

Groupon has announced the launch of their new product: Scheduler. The free platform allows customers to book, cancel and reschedule appointments through an online calendar and for businesses to track those appointments.

Should Your Company Website Have a Blog?

If you’ve found yourself pondering this question, the good news is that the answer is quite clear-cut: if you want to increase your online visibility and generate more exposure and leads for your business, having a blog is a great way to do it.

Internet Speed: Assessing Your Needs

For many of us it’s difficult to remember back to a time when companies operated without online products or applications. However, as you have adopted these technologies you may have noticed that the speed of your internet has decreased.

How WordPress and Video can Increase your Online Visibility

Small business owners understand the importance of a strong web-presence to market their products and services, and build a solid reputation. However what they often find difficult is to know where to start and build that online presence.

Protect Your Brand on the New .XXX Domain

As you may have heard, .XXX launched September 7. If you’re a small business owner and not selling products or services related to the adult entertainment industry, why should you care? Find out from Cybele Negris…

How to Guard Your Online Reputation

Whether you pay attention or not, there are conversations happening about you and your business online. Find out Martina Iring’s 5 basic steps to protect your small business reputation on the web.

Google Places Update: What Does It Mean for Small Business?

Google Places has removed third party reviews, choosing to focus on its own user reviews instead. With 93% of consumers looking online for a business, this move means if you are not monitoring reviews already, it’s is time to start doing so.

How Successful is Your Company Website?

If you’re running a commercial website, then you should be taking a constant measurement of its performance so that you can improve the site and the revenue it generates for your business. Find out what you should be looking at in Google Analytics.

8 Steps to Improve your Business IT Security

The recent troubles of Sony and Nintendo have caused the security of business IT systems to become a hot topic in the media, highlighting the importance of online security. Find out how you can protect your business from IT security risks.