Key Benefits of Coworking

Some of the biggest businesses started off in their parent’s garage or in the shared dorms of university. But when it comes to finding a place for your fledgling business there is now another option: coworking offices.

How to Manage Competing Demands

Juggling too many balls can be a stumbling block on the road to success. If you want to manage competing demands in your life or business, you need a game plan. That might sound common sense, but it’s one of the biggest challenges people face.

Earth Hour: Save Energy and Promote Awareness

At 8.30 pm on Saturday, March 31, 2012 millions of people across the world will switch off the lights in their homes and businesses for one hour for the WWF’s Earth Hour. Find out how your business can save energy and contribute to climate change.

Staying Healthy as an Entrepreneur

When it comes to maintaining good health, being self-employed is great, that is, if you are health conscious to begin with. Overcome the challenge of staying healthy, by finding time for physical exercise, healthy eating, sleep and stress management.

Understanding WorkSafeBC Insurance

When starting a business there is always a long checklist of tasks to complete, and worker’s compensation insurance should be one of those tasks. Although it will mean another set of paperwork to complete, this short term pain will pay off dividends.

Seeking Environmental Champions

Are you a BC small business with an innovative idea for saving energy? If you are a registered business with less than 50 employees who spends under $50,000 per year on electricity then your business could become a LiveSmart: Small Business Champion.

Making Energy Efficiency

Making changes to the way that your business operates and the products you purchase can result in big savings. To help you realise these savings there are two programs which help provide energy advisors for free.

6 Habits for Good Small Business Finance

Unless you are an accountant or you enjoy working with numbers, it’s unlikely that you look forward to keeping track of your company finances. However, establishing good habits and routines can save you time and help keep your finances on course.