Small Business Pulse June 2010

Economic indicators for small business in British Columbia for June 2010.

Top 5 Tips to Get the Best Value for Your Business

If you decide to sell, you’ll want to realize full value for your business and/or your assets. Here are some tips to help ensure you don’t leave any money on the table.

Small Business Pulse April 2010

What is the pulse for small business in BC? Find out key statistics and economic indicators that show the health of small business on a monthly basis.

How to Take Advantage of Your Inside Knowledge

You have the advantage of insider knowledge of your markets, customers, and supply chain. Find out how to use new market research to maximize your profits.

How to Prove the Value of Your Company

Are you planning to exit your business? Find out about the power of market research and how it can help determine and prove the value of your company when you come to sell it

How to Evaluate Your Business Idea

Market research can be used as a tool to help you determine whether your business idea will be viable. Find out how to research your customers, industry and competition to evaluate your business idea.