How to Research your Market

Good business decisions are based on good market research and intelligence. By researching your market thoroughly, you can minimise the risk to your business, identify new opportunities, and understand better how to communicate with your customers.

Small Business Pulse May 2011

BC saw the highest number of business starts in March and the lowest level of bankruptcies in February, since our records began in 2008. Find out from our market research expert, Mark Eversfield, what else is happening in the small business market.

BC Small Business Pulse February 2011

In this month’s Pulse you will find information on January 2011 BC business starts, self-employment, November 2010 bankruptcies, and a feature story. This month’s Pulse examines extra-provincial corporations registering in BC.

BC Small Business Pulse January 2011

Small Business Pulse provides the latest information on business starts, bankruptcies, self-employment, small business employment, and a feature story. This month’s article looks at self-employment in British Columbia.

BC Small Business Pulse November 2010

Get the latest pulse on BC Small Business Performance, from business starts to bankruptcies, self employment to small business growth.

Small Business Pulse October 2010

Monthly report on economic indicators affecting small business in British Columbia for October 2010.

Small Business Pulse August 2010

Key economic indicators for small business in British Columbia. After declining by 176 starts between May and June of this year, the number of business starts rebounded by 344 in July to 4,728, a healthy 8% increase.

High Tech, Low Tech, Any Tech: Know Your Target Market

Knowing your target market requires thought about your potential client’s preferences on features, colour, packaging, how they will use it, what price they are willing to pay, and how much they are willing to consume.

Small Business Pulse June 2010

Economic indicators for small business in British Columbia for June 2010.