Market Research Resources Guide

The Market Research Resources Guide provides recommendations of key databases, organizations and associations which can help you research your market. The guide supplements the Market Research Checklist.

Work Alone? Consider the Risks

While working alone is not in itself a hazard, in can be when circumstances outside of your control happen. What if you have a medical emergency? These situations may not seem common, but they do occur and the consequences can be serious.

The Power of Connections

Traffic to retail stores continues to decline, and as former owner of one, I know that nothing is more frustrating than standing in your store day-after-day waiting for people to walk in and perhaps make a purchase. So what’s a retailer to do?

Why and How to Market Test your Product or Service

It’s enticing, intoxicating even, the feeling of creating a new product service and wanting to share it with the world. But the heady rush of creativity can quickly turn into failure if you don’t market test.

Hot Small Business Sectors around BC

We learned in May’s Small Business Pulse that BC’s hot sectors in 2011 were real estate, finance and agriculture. This week we decided to delve a little deeper, to try and understand what this means for some of the communities in BC.

Small Business Pulse: Small Business Market Strengthens

March continued its trend of being the busiest month of the year for small business starts, and new data shows that BC’s business bankruptcies are the lowest they’ve been for 30 years. This year’s hot sectors? Real Estate, Rental and Leasing.

Small Business Pulse: BC Bankruptcies Down 15% Compared to 2010

With BC business registrations on the rise and BC business bankruptcies declining 15% year-to-year, find out what affect the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 and the 2008 economic recession has had on the small business market.

Understanding Your Competition

Even if your product or service fills a unique gap in the market, there are always other companies offering something similar. The key when thinking about your competition is to learn what makes the customer choose one product or service over another.

How to Research your Market

Good business decisions are based on good market research and intelligence. By researching your market thoroughly, you can minimise the risk to your business, identify new opportunities, and understand better how to communicate with your customers.