10 Common Intellectual Property Mistakes Startups Make

While most startups are spending all their focus on developing the next big idea and getting that idea to market, protecting intellectual property can often get bumped on the list of things to-do. However, not taking the right steps can be devastating to your business. Fortunately, you can avoid many […]

Import Duties Raised for 72 Countries

On January 1, 2015, the federal government eliminated preferential duty rates on imports from 72 countries. It is a topic that hasn’t been widely discussed beyond the trade community. So, how will it affect your business? Let’s start off by discussing what it is and why these countries have been removed.

Trademarks: What They Are and Where They Fit Into Your Small Business Brand

Branding is an essential step of any new small business. A memorable and compelling brand is your opportunity  to stand out in a crowded marketplace. But what is a brand? By definition, a brand comprises a variety of elements that come together to create a distinctive personality for your business: […]

Why Protecting Cardholder Data is Good for Business

Providing customers with secure payment options is good for your brand and your bottom line. Afterall a data breach could result in fines from the payment card brands and remediation costs – this is in addition to loss of business and your brand reputation.

WorkSafe BC Rates Frozen for 2015: What does it mean for insurance?

In BC, small businesses make up about 88%of employers, spanning all industries. Whether you employ a number of workers or are a one-person operation, it is important to obtain the right insurance to protect you, your workers, and your business.

Accounting Myths vs. Facts

Accounting can be an intimidating and often dreaded part of business for many entrepreneurs. To make it harder, there are many false facts flying around the internet that it can be hard to distinguish the facts from fiction. To help dispel some of those myths, here are four of the most common myths, BUSTED.

The Legal Jungle of Workplace Mental Health

Managing mental health issues in the workplace can feel like walking through a jungle. Not understanding your legal rights and responsibilities as an employer is like walking through that same jungle, but blindfolded. Both employers and employees have legal rights and responsibilities when it comes to mental health in the […]

Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation: Are You Prepared?

On July 1, 2014 the much talked about Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) comes into force. Following in the footsteps of the US, UK and Australia, the Canadian government has passed this legislation to protect both businesses and individuals from spam and online threats.

What the New Recycling Regulation Means for Your Small Business

Businesses that supply packaging and printed paper to BC residents are now responsible for collecting and recycling these materials when residents are finished with them. Find out how this will affect your small business.

SOCAN Background Music Licensing: What You Need to Know

Do you own a restaurant, bar, hotel, retail store, professional office or similar type of business? If so, and if you play music in any public spaces, you’ll need the appropriate licences in order to play copyright-protected music legally.