Put your Phone Away, Let’s Talk About Engagement

As busy entrepreneurs, we expect ourselves to multitask. We foolishly believe that doing two things at once is like gaining an extra set of hands!

How to Make Meetings More Effective

Without inviting the right people, having a structured agenda and holding people accountable, meetings can quickly become unproductive. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are eight tips to help you run effective and productive meetings.

How to Manage Competing Demands

Juggling too many balls can be a stumbling block on the road to success. If you want to manage competing demands in your life or business, you need a game plan. That might sound common sense, but it’s one of the biggest challenges people face.

Personal Brand Building: How to Stand Out From a Crowd

Personal branding is not just for celebrities. Find out the importance of having your own personal brand and how to get your name out there from Rachelle Hynes, a graphic communications designer and brand strategist.

How to Plan Your Exit

Exiting a business is not usually as simple as closing your doors. Here’s guidance on how to write your operations plan around your exit plan.

How to Gear Your Business for Growth

You don’t want to refer to an out-of-date plan in a contingency situation. Find out how your operations plan can help you prepare for any situation that may arise.

How to Create a Start-up Blueprint

Your operations plan is a blueprint for running your business, and helps you plan for contingencies. Here are the key components you need to consider