What’s Happening in June 2017 at Small Business BC?

Summer is finally here, which means one thing…summer school! Take advantage of our flexible learning options and access our webinars and Skype appointments, wherever you are this summer. This month’s focus is on growing your business. Start by understanding your financials and go on to learn how to explore new […]

10 Words You Need to Know Before Starting International Trade

When I started my career in international business, I was working at a startup selling medical equipment to Colombia. And I quickly learned the challenges of international business the hard way. So learn from my mistakes and read the 10 Words I wish I knew before engaging in international trade.

Exporting to Border States

When many small businesses think about growing their market, they often think about heading south to the US as a first step. The close proximity, similar culture and demographic make-up, makes it seem the obvious choice. But if you haven’t exported to another country before, and you’re not familiar with […]

What To Do After Returning from a Tradeshow

“You’re travelling abroad for business. You discuss. You shake hands. Then you return home and get busy. You must follow-up.” Mr. Sukesh Kumar, Partner and National Leader of India Practice in Canada at KPMG LLP International business travel is a great way to investigate new markets and opportunities, but if […]

Could the Falling Loonie Help Expand Your Business?

The decline of the Canadian dollar has been a mixed blessing for the small business community. While those who import goods from the US or have US service providers, the news is not so welcomed. But, the bad conversion rate also means local consumers tend to stay home and purchase locally, finding that their dollar no longer goes as far, over the border. This benefits the tourism industry too, not only with Canadians wanting to vacation in their homeland, but with US customers finally returning to our shores after a long drought because of the bad conversion.

BC Import/Export Guide

The BC Import/Export Guide introduces you to the information that is available to help you navigate the exciting world of international trade.

Thinking of Opening an Online Shop? How a Customs Broker Can Help

E-commerce has broken down barriers and made it easier for consumers to shop around and find the right product, at the right price. More and more, it feels like a store’s actual location means less and less. When you shop online, you can compare prices and shipping rates quickly and […]

Import Duties Raised for 72 Countries

On January 1, 2015, the federal government eliminated preferential duty rates on imports from 72 countries. It is a topic that hasn’t been widely discussed beyond the trade community. So, how will it affect your business? Let’s start off by discussing what it is and why these countries have been removed.